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Posted on July 17, 2013. Filed under Blonde, Big Tits.
Delilah It was a hot sunny day, when I noticed this young hot blonde waiting for a taxi. I did not lose any time to ask for a blowjob free taxi. To my surprise, she did not seem worried so I put some money on the table, and the deal was done....


Posted on July 17, 2013. Filed under Blonde.
Bonnie As soon as I woke up this girl who was telling me what a crazy weekend we just had, drinking and getting fucked in all holes in a gang bang home party. Although I was not so surprised, that seemed to have more cock than a brothel in Prague. Then he asked if I wanted to...


Posted on July 17, 2013. Filed under Blonde.
Iva It was a normal day for this young blonde visit friends, until, of course, got in my taxi. With the opportunity to earn some extra money for yourself in his underwear, soon turned my thinking. Armed with a camera, I could not wait to get into her tight pussy....


Posted on July 16, 2013. Filed under Blonde, Big Tits.
Vic This girl fun time was more than willing to show your boobs double in size G, for an empty taxi. Then I offered 50 to feel his ass, he was more than happy to oblige. So I knew getting to the bottom of it was in the cards, but I wanted more and she was fine with her....


Posted on July 16, 2013. Filed under Black Hair, Big Tits.
Nicola She was not in the cab, long before fuck boasted local bar man behind her boyfriends back, little did she know I had it all on camera. He said I could have a free taxi if I sucked his cock, when she said it was okay, I knew it would get more out of it with a bribe....


Posted on July 16, 2013. Filed under Blonde.
Victoria After a heated argument with her beauty and her boyfriend needed a quick getaway. She was desperate to get pregnant, but her boyfriend was firing blanks, so I offered him some of my own pudding population to devastate their ovaries. After a good fucking with a fragment...


Posted on June 25, 2013. Filed under Brunette.
Kristyna Cheated her boyfriend, this girl wanted revenge, and I was the man to do it. With a little persuasion, agreed to make a sex tape in the taxi to send her boyfriend, and I could not wait to press record....

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